Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Capital Institute

The Capital Institute is exactly the kind of organization we need to start putting the concepts of ecological economics into action in the real world.

The videos below show a wide-ranging conversation between John Fullerton -- an ex-JP Morgan executive and the Founder and President of the Capital Institute -- and Robert Johnson, Executive Director of the Institute for New Economic Thinking.

Fullerton touches on a broad array of inter-related sustainability topics, including ecology, ecological economics, systems thinking, reductionism, transdisciplinarity, biomimicry, complexity science, interconnectedness, resiliency theory, social sustainability, happiness, and the purpose of capital.

It's clear that he's read and learned from the best, and has a lot to add to this field - I highly recommend working your way through each of the short clips below.

The Profound Ecological Implications of a Perpetually Growing Economy

Inspirational Authors Who Challenge the Growth Economy

Is Growth Becoming a Scarce Commodity? 

Rethinking Finance as a Part of the Whole

Systems Theory: Balancing Efficiency with Resiliency

Social Sustainability: Does Wealth Equal Happiness?

How Detroit Did Everything Wrong

A Challenge for the Next Generation

Mobilizing the Top 1%

Stay going.

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