Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Green Economy is Charging

The latest update to the Green Transition Scoreboard shows that the green economy remains strong, even as the broader global economy struggles.  From the CSRwire press release:

Ethical Markets Media, LLC (USA and Brazil), released their 2012 GREEN TRANSITION SCOREBOARD® tracking private sector investments since 2007 in green companies and technologies globally, now totaling more than $3.3 trillion.

The 2012 Green Transition Scoreboard® (GTS) report finds Asia, Europe and Latin America catching up with the USA in total non-government investments and commitments for all facets of green markets.  2011 ended with a GTS total of $3,306,051,439,680, starting from 2007.  Given the many studies indicating that investing $1 trillion annually until 2020 will accelerate the Green Transition worldwide and the over 100 research reports and articles referenced in this years' update, the "Green Transition Scoreboard® 2012: From Expanding Cleantech Sectors to Emerging Trends in Biomimicry" definitively shows green investments are becoming the norm.
The article also quotes Tim Nash, fellow graduate of the MSLS Program at BTH, who has played a central role in conducting these assessments:

"One example is the recent burst of activity in the M&A space, largely due to companies spending cash they've hoarded since the 2009 credit crunch.  They are finally ready to deploy capital and are expanding into the green space.  In addition to developing R&D in-house, firms like Google, DuPont, and Toshiba are acquiring small and medium-sized cleantech companies."

These are important and encouraging trends.  Many thanks to Ethical Markets for conducting this research.

Stay going.

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