Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Million Letter March

The Million Letter March is the kind of thing we need right now.  Talking heads and extremists have been telling us that a carbon tax - or just about any tax for that matter - is politically infeasible for so long that it's easy to start believing it.  But there are millions of Americans who understand why we have taxes and how a representative government can work to promote the best interests of the people by protecting the common good.

When the 112th Congress starts on January 3rd, a flood of letters will help our representatives see that climate disruption - as probably the greatest threat to ever face modern civilization - is worth confronting with a tax.  Extreme sacrifice by all of us would be warranted to avoid this threat - but luckily that's not necessary.  A price on carbon will drive innovation, encourage easy energy savings that will save money, create jobs and improve our national security and quality of life.  For those who think this looks like just more ' big government' - it's not, it's correcting a market failure based on more-perfect information, it's making our free market system more legitimate and efficient.

So please check out the website and watch the video below to learn more, write a simple letter, submit it to the site to be counted and send it to your reps in the new year.

Stay going. 


Emilie Oyen said...

well said.

Geoff said...

What is the level of support out there for CAP AND DIVIDEND, not cap and trade?


A beautiful and disturbing info graphic today on Fast Company...