Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

I probably won't be making it to church this Christmas, but here are some beautiful words from Reverend Desmond Tutu to reflect on this holiday season:
The evolution of the world is a great manifestation of God.  As scientists understand more and more about the interdependence not only of living things but of rocks, rivers -- the whole of the universe -- I am left in awe that I, too, am a part of this tremendous miracle.  Not only am I a part of this pulsating network, but I am an indispensable part.  It is not only theology that teaches me this, but it is the truth that environmentalists shout from the rooftops.  Every living creature is an essential part of the whole... Our surroundings are awesome.  We see about us majestic mountains, the perfection of a tiny mouse, a newborn baby, a flower, the colors of a seashell.  Each creature is most fully that which it is created to be, an almost incredible reflection of the infinite, the invisible, the indefinable.  All women and men participate in that reflected glory.  We believe that we are in fact the image of our Creator.  Our response must be to live up to that amazing potential -- to give God glory by reflecting his beauty and his love.  That is why we are here and that is the purpose of our lives.  In that response we enter most fully into relationships with God, our fellow men and women, and we are in harmony with all creation.

Merry Christmas and Stay Going!

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nancy said...

That is beautiful. Thank you for posting it. How sad we forget that we are part of nature, not separate from it. By taking care of it, we are taking care of ourselves. We must conserve our planet and her resources, not squander and abuse them. The Organic Mechanic has products for homeowners to help conserve energy and generate our own power to reduce the need for fossil fuels.