Monday, January 19, 2009

Local Resilience for the Post-carbon Economy

Another MSLS alum just passed on this great piece by Daniel Lerch, the author of 'Post Carbon cities: Planning for energy and Climate uncertainty' and Program Director at the Post Carbon Institute. It does a great job of tying together systems thinking concepts and the importance of applying them to more consciously and strategically building resilient local communities with resilient local economies.

The piece also has a bunch of great links to case studies and role-model stories - in particular, check out the last paragraph that talks about success of applying the framework for strategic sustainabile development to create "eco-communities"... the success of the model in Sweden has led to an organic, grassroots adoption of the concept here. Lots of great, inspirational reading, for these back-to-back great, historic days - happy MLK and inauguration! Stay going.