Friday, August 25, 2006

Karl-Henrik Robèrt

Well, another year of the master’s programme (the Stratleade programme) is about to begin. The new students have been arriving this week, and many more will hopefully be here soon if they can work out visa issues. This year’s class looks again very international, and sporting some very exciting backgrounds and expertise – from credit unions to water treatment, community development to telecom, and permaculture designers to fuel-cell engineers.

And the start of another year means another introductory series of lectures from Karl-Henrik, co-founder of the programme and founder of The Natural Step. As luck would have it, an excellent web-site called The Big Picture has just posted a series of 7 short clips of Karl-Henrik talking about The Natural Step, the 5-level framework for strategic sustainable development, the A-B-C-D analysis, etc.

So click here:

and enjoy your own personal, abbreviated version of the first day of the Stratleade programme. Stay going.