Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Household Cap & Trade

An interesting headline from PointCarbon today:

German utility EWE has launched a model project for emissions trading by
private households, claiming it was the first in the country. The utility
said that as emissions trading was expected to include the transport and
household sector eventually, this was a good opportunity for testing.

Similar proposals have been talked about in the UK as well - it will be facinating to see how we work out the details, but in theory this is a great and effective way to work towards a fossil-free society.

I'm sure there will be some rumblings about unfair restrictions on freedom as caps are placed on personal emissions - but that is just due to misunderstanding the situation. You don't hear many complaints about littering being agains the law, and I'm fairly certain if CO2 was bright orange, piled up in our line of site as we emitted it, and stank - we would have sought better options a long time ago (unfortunately, as we know its impacts are far more serious). Stay going.