Wednesday, December 19, 2012

ARTSTRIKE: Don't know how we'll make it

Today is ARTSTRIKE -- an effort spearheaded by Rebuild the Dream which describes it this way:

We're using culture as a tool to change people's hearts and minds, in a way that only art can.

Artstrike aims to "expose" the fiscal cliff, as a "fiscal bluff" and using it to highlight the growing, and dangerous levels of inequality in America today.

Systematically increasing levels of inequality undermine the strength of our social fabric, and undermine people's capacity to meet their needs. That's unsustainable, and is bad for all of us, rich or poor.

Art and culture are great ways -- maybe the only ways -- to bring about the kinds of transformational cultural shifts needed to lead a peaceful and relatively smooth shift to sustainability.

Here's a video of one of today's art works that I thought was particularly powerful:

Stay going.

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