Wednesday, November 28, 2012

10 Steps To Transform Capitalism

Check out this quick list from John Elkington and Charmian Love: 10 Steps To Transform Capitalism with some good video clips from the Breakthrough Capitalism Forum.

Thanks to MSLS friend & colleague Molly Doyle for passing this one along with a condensed summary:

"You want change? Time to collapse your easy but misleading dualisms, the stark blacks and whites, and see the world as it is: Complex and dynamic. This is not easy work and there are no silver bullets. System change on your own is an oxymoron- don't isolate yourself. Understanding networks can be your biggest strength. Use maps to identify critical pressure points in the relevant systems. And in mapping, don't let media coverage warp- tomorrow's economic leaders currently operate far from today's spotlight. It's time to be mega-ambitious. Start projects so huge that their results are beyond your lifetime. This is not about an infusion of new thought into an existing system, it’s a fundamental redesign."

Stay going.

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