Sunday, December 04, 2011

Occupy Economics

Check out the video below from economists voicing their support for the Occupy Wall Street movement, and acknowledging some of the failures in the discipline to avoid the recent economic collapse.  See also the statement of support and list of about 250 economists that have added their names so far.

Occupy Economics from Softbox on Vimeo.

The OWS movement is an excellent example of what happens when the ways in which we go about meeting our needs is socially unsustainable.  In the language of the sustainability principles, our economic system has "systematically undermined the capacity of some people (many people) to meet their needs" - eventually there will be consequences.

The video only touches on the ecological risks our current economic system poses to the continuation of a healthy, thriving global society, but it is a big step towards opening up the dialogue to a much wider audience. I hope this will help bring the work of ecological economists to the conversation in a much more meaningful way, so the discipline of economics can help us avoid the "big collapse" of broad, irreversible ecosystem failure, which will make our current economic woes look like a field day.

Stay going.

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