Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tar Sands: Have Your Mind Blown

"Damage will be irreversible."

"Uses more water than a city of 2 million people."

"36,000,000 tons of carbon dioxide per day" (1.3 million cars)

"A literal hell on Earth."

If you're not familiar with Tar Sands oil - or even if you are - watch this video to get a quick understanding of the many interrelated, devastating impacts of accessing this oil - before it ever even gets burned.

Nearly 300 have been arrested so far in DC protesting the proposed XL Pipeline that would require a huge investment to pipe this nasty stuff from Canada through the US to the Gulf of Mexico.  Obama can stop it - please sign this petition to encourage him to do so.

Stay going.

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Green Hippie said...

I can't tell you how much I'm against the tar sands in Canada. I'm majoring in Sustainability and last semester my classmate (who is originally from Canada) did a lice cycle assessment on the tar sands. His system boundaries only included resources and manufacturing. It turns out that to produce 1.25 barrels of fossil fuel from tar sands you require energy worth 1 barrel of fossil fuel. Talk about shitty efficiency. And all this is without taking into account post production transportation (XL!) etc. This needs to STOP! And I can't stress enough on this. Glad you guys wrote about it.