Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Join the journey of realisation at Open Planet Ideas

Guest Post by Susanna Halonen

What do you get when you fuse together an open platform, a panel of industry experts from Sony, WWF and IDEO and the fantastic minds of many? I’d say a very exciting, fast moving project! As community manager at Open Planet Ideas, I’ve been blown away by the creative suggestions that have been shared in response to our brief: how would you repurpose today’s technology to help address environmental challenges? Now though we face the biggest challenge of all – after selecting one final creative idea we need to make it a reality. And this is where we need your help.

There have been some superb ideas put forward. It’s incredible to think that so many items can be given a new lease of life if you simply think about how else they might be used. This Sony project demonstrates that the ‘review, re-use, recycle' ethos is alive and well – with the enthusiasm to our brief suggesting that the sustainability mindset is advancing, capturing the minds of many. Throughout the challenge we were impressed by the ingenuity of ideas and the interactions within the community.

After exciting deliberations and investigative research, the expert panel chose Greenbook as the final concept for realisation! Greenbook is an app that uses geolocation and gaming technology to make volunteering quicker, easier and more social. It matches local people with local projects, bringing many new people to volunteering and changing our communities and environment for the better.

Together with Paul Frigout, the creator of Greenbook, we are now coming up with a project plan but we need your help to refine the concept further.  So why don’t you join the journey and give us your valuable input on the final concept and what would encourage you to use it?

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