Monday, June 07, 2010

UAE's Ecological Footprint

WWF has developed a great quick video about the Ecological Footprint of the United Arab Emirates - among the highest in the world (the US of course is right up there as well).  The Ecological Footprint concept is a great way to measure and communicate the ecological impact of an individual's, organization's, or nation's activities.  It translates these impacts into area measurements, and shows that in total, we are using resources faster than the Earth's biogeochemical systems can regenerate them - about 25% faster since the late '80s.  At this point that means we'd need to about 1.4 Earth's to support our current global economy - and of course we only have one.  The Living Planet Report from WWF and the Global Footprint Network dives into all of this in a really accessible way.

At the same time, we're reducing the planet's biocapacity, and thus it's ability to generate resources and assimilate waste.  It's scary stuff.  But hats off to the UAE for engaging with WWF and the Global Footprint Network to educate its population and look for ways to create better, and ultimately sustainable, systems:

Stay going.

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