Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A big week for the future of humanity

Lots of people are still fixated on healthcare. Or the Acorn scandal. But the real news this week (and every week until we start making real progress in decarbonizing our economies) is climate.

While the rest of the world is moving on, taking action and still waiting, asuming the US will wake up and lead, things on this side of the pond are looking pretty pesimistic in terms of liklihood of a meaningful climate bill this year and sufficient US leadership in Copenhagen. It is clear that time is tck tck tcking away.

But lots of people are stepping up to give it things a serious push this week. It's Climate Week NYC, helping to lay the ground work ahead of COP 15 in Copenhagen. Clinton's Global Initiative is going on with a big focus on climate. Obama made his first real speech on climate as president today. A group of 500 businesses executives pushed for international climate action today, stating in a release:

"Failure to find agreement would result in trade tensions and competitive distortions that not only threaten the foundations of our global economy, but also any future advances in sustainable economic and social development."

Later in the week is the G-20 summit in Pittsburgh and plenty of climate action, protests and awareness building stunts are planned. (but the Yes Men definitely took the cake in NYC today distributing fake copies of the Post - "We're Screwed" ... sad thing is, they might not be joking).

Taken all together is has the feel of a last gasp. Folks who understand the systemic challenge we're facing, the time delays in the system, the feedback loops, and the real face of climate disaster know this might be our last shot to really get serious about it. And the deaf ears upon which the message falls are filled with acorns.

But of course, we can't lose hope for Hopenhagen.... if you're on Cape Ann, be sure to come represent on Sat 10/24 at the Man at the Wheel statue - get details and learn more at http://www.350.org/capeann.

Stay going.