Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Free, online "Intro to Sustainable Engineering" course from BTH

Gotta love those Swedes, offering more awesome education for free -- see below for an announcement of a new distance learning course from BTH, sans tuition. Also lacking of course the other benefits of actually studying in Sweden, but could be a great fit for any engineers out there:

We are excited to announce the limited opening of a Bachelor-level distance course called Introduction to Sustainable Engineering. This free online course will run from April 17th - June 25th, 2009.
Applications open soon (March 6th), for only two weeks. They tend to fill up extremely quickly, so please let them know asap.
The course explores these key aspects:

Module 1: Core Concepts of Strategic Sustainable Development (SSD)

• Today’s environmental problems from a systems perspective

• The cyclical processes in nature vs. the linear use of materials in today’s society

• How to use a systems view and strategic planning for sustainable development

• Principles of sustainability stemming from basic science: thermodynamics, energy, biological systems and social systems

Module 2: Examination of Engineering Applications for Sustainability

• Application of SSD framework to:

> Energy Systems & Transport

> Sustainable Product Development

> Environmental Management Systems & Regulatory Frameworks

> Life Cycle Analysis

Please visit the following website for more information ):

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