Thursday, July 19, 2007

GoodSearch for StratLeade

A request: if you’ve gotten any value out of this blog, and/or want to support education for strategic sustainable development, please start using GoodSearch for your internet searches and designate Stratleade as the charity you support – about 1 cent will go to Stratleade every time you search using

Go to and enter “Stratleade” in the second field where it says “Who do you GoodSearch for?” in the field should appear: “Stratleade Sustainability Education (Jamaica Plain, MA)” – and then use this whenever you search the internet. It uses the same technology as Yahoo and gives great results (if you can’t get off Google, at least use this for basic stuff!). Also download the toolbar (it takes 2 seconds) if you use that feature on your browser.

For those of you who haven’t heard, or forget, Stratleade is a not-for-profit that raises money to support programs and activities that deliver education for Strategic Sustainable Development. It is a close partner of the MSLS program at BTH and plans to provide funds to support staff, scholarships, visiting lectures, internships and program activities. See for more.

This could raise a lot of money for the program, so please take the second to set Stratleade as your cause, use it whenever you search and spread the word!! Put it on your blogs, encourage family & friends to use it – it’s a great way to help the program without having to reach into your own pockets (although it would be great if you did that too! paypal donations accepted at

Skål, tack så mycket, and stay going.