Sunday, September 24, 2006

damn GOOD magazine

I stumbled upon this launch party for GOOD magazine the other day and sent it to some friends in New York, because it seemed like a cool idea, and clearly had the makings of a great party:

We're going to keep reminding you until we're blue in the face: please don't forget our New York Launch party. It's on Thursday, the 21st, at Emergency Arts at 551 w 21st St (entrance on 11th Ave between 21st and 22nd). Including DJ sets by Grandmaster Flash and Prefuse 73. All subscribers are invited, so please RSVP. Remember, you must subscribe before you can RSVP. Subscribing gets you six issues of GOOD, free drinks at the party, plus all $20 goes to one of our 12 partner organizations. Time is running out, so RSVP fast. Tell your friends. We're looking forward to seeing you all there.

Apparently they had a strong turnout with Gore in the mix (his son is on the staff), and from this video footage from Gawker it looks like a great time (Gawker has been pretty brutal & critical – but they seem to be coming around).

Anyway, in a strange twist of fate, turns out the founder is a childhood friend, Ben Goldshirsh. The WSJ profiled him in July, telling his story – he’s done some pretty amazing stuff, which doesn’t surprise me as all I’ve heard about him through-the-grapevine over the years have been super-solid reports about his various successes.

Anyway, main point – subscribe to GOOD!

It’s only $20 and all of it goes to a charity you choose (out of a list of options they provide). From what I’ve seen it looks like they’ve got awesome content and a great, pragmatic, inspiring perspective – and a really cool, innovative business model. Get involved. Stay going.