Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I just recieved a request to post this link, and think it's appropriate, as its very much in the spirit of the article -- the power of networks and the internet to play a huge role in shifting towards a sustainable society, as well as the power of the individual (within society, within the biosphere) to push this shift. For more on the power of networks, and a great read, check out Linked. In the meantime check out the link below... Stay going.
Once in a while, somebody notes that the Internet should be materially contributing to solving the world's problems. I think the notion has been around since about 1965. I'd like to raise some ideas for you, WorldChanging's Open Thinktank, to think about, speculate on, contribute to and improve. Our goal is to get to a personal Factor Four improvement in your environmental impact and mine by using the collective intelligence and collective action that the internet enables...